This is Discoviking

Greetings fellow music lovers! Much like our viking ancestors we are setting sail towards new adventures. They had long ships and sword in hand, we however decided to make do with a decent internet connection. But our dedication to this project is absolute and this journey will contain no less amount of blood and sweat!

Besides raiding villages and taking goods by force, disco and electronic dance music is our favourite occupation. We will post music that we love and share club experiences strait from the electronic music scene in Stockholm and Paris. Stay with us when we create a new chapter in the history books!… or not, because we probably won’t. But we will try to provide you with one great track every fuckin’ day. And yeah, that means we are back in business.

We love good music and the people behind it and all our downloads are made available by the artists or record labels.

For any questions, inquiries or if you like to submit any tracks or mixtapes, please contact us at contact (at) discoviking.com